Our Purpose

  • To promote professional conduct and uniform procedures among its members and others;
  • To provide membership to firms engaged as transfer agents or registrars in the field of the issuance, transfer and registration of securities and associated functions;
  • To study, develop, implement and encourage new and improved requirements and practices within the securities industry;
  • To assist members with problems of a technical or operational nature;
  • To develop solutions to complex industry-wide problems;
  • To provide a forum and to act as a representative and spokesperson for the positions and opinions of its members, and, where appropriate, its clients and the holders of securities;
  • To provide members and others with information and comments of an educational and technical nature relating to the securities transfer and corporate trust industry;
  • To exercise any and all powers required to meet the needs and the obligations of this Association; and
  • To ensure that its activities in relation to these purposes are communicated to all Members.

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